Two nextcloud instances as photo/video sharing platforms

 ยท Systeemkabouter

Recently I've set up two new Nextcloud instances. Both are used as image/media sharing facility. After some small tests I concluded that Nextcloud was a nice tool to provide a self hosted media library consisting of both photos and videos.

Nextcloud has a decent photo viewer that is snappy and provides proper navigation. As for the video part I was able to stream anything using the webinterface without any trouble. And being Nextcloud, I can use the desktop client to easily sync and upload content.

ScoutingWdZ nextcloud screenshot

One instance is for my Scouting unit based in Delft where I store an archive spanning more than fifty years. Far from complete, but I figured it was too nice to keep to myself on my local harddrive. Access is limited to current and former members, keeping everything somewhat private.

The second instance is for my family, including nieces, nephews etc. This instance is used to store digitized copies of 8mm movies and slides. These were taken by our mutual grandfather in the seventies. Keeping them in a self hosted Nextcloud instance with accounts/access only for direct family members ensures proper privacy while still being able to easily share old material with each other.

Both instances are hosted on my recently deployed HP DL360 server running Proxmox. So these two instances are the first real jobs running there.

I'm very pleased with the ease to set up nextcloud and the ability to easily onboard other people without a lot of support hassle.