Yes I like those little devices. With the first versions, they mostly ended up in some drawer after some tinkering. But the version 3 and 4 are very capable little gems that I use for various computing tasks now.

Although it is rather easy to obtain real server hardware, the power requirements stop me from running anything on a permanent basis at home. Instead, I run a rather low power Synology for storage and a collection of Raspberry Pi devices for small computing tasks. This is summary, for your perusal and as documentation for myself

Storage and storage controllers are the things that gives me most issues when running these things. Avoiding microsd cards helps a lot, but even then the occasional glitch cannot be avoided. Maybe my environment is not stable/good enough, not sure.



This is a RBPi4 with 4 GB RAM and a SSD for storage. Running Rasberri PI OS. Tasks include:

  • home assistant

Tampere neofetch

There were more

But some of them went the way of the Dodo.