Tmlmmj, a proper replacement for ezmlm

 · Systeemkabouter

Last year I rushed to replace qmail + ezmlm with postfix + mailman. SPAM was killing me and my Scouting friends. Sure, postfix is a wonderful MTA, but mailman is somewhat different if you’re in love with ezmlm.

But now I found mlmmj (mailing list management made joyful) and everything is well again. Just a few little things to look out for but all in all everything is fine.

It does moderation via e-mail, by simple clicking a link in the mail, it handles multiple install locations and thus can do proper multi domaining on a single box and it has a lot of nice other features ezmlm has. The only thing I miss is an integrated web based archive viewer. Oh, and it is packaged and ready to go in both Debian and Ubuntu :-)

Go check it out at