Streaming issues in 2021

 · Systeemkabouter

Legal streaming options still limited.

After watching a new series on Netflix, I really wanted to see a movie from 2000 that clearly inspired the creators of said Netflix series.

I looked for the movie on Apple TV, on Netflix and other 'legal' streaming options in my country. None carried the movie I wanted to watch.

Hello Piratebay and Transmission, my old friends

Everything is still there. And working pretty nice. Downloaded the movie in about ten minutes, transferred it to my central storage and I'm on the couch with the SO enjoying blood and gore :-)

What I need

I'm so in the market for any streaming service that actually carries a somewhat complete movie library. Or some kind of metaservice that will just point me to an actual legal option. As long as there is none for so much titles, I feel OK with falling back to less legal options.

If you enjoy movies that are outside the mainstream you are still out of proper options. Sad.