Slimbook ProX review after one month of usage

 · Systeemkabouter

In my efforts to get the simplest solution to the problems encountered with the Slimbook, I switched to Zorin16 after a couple days to get newer libraries and a newer kernel. But soon enough I was fiddling with the inner workings of Linux on the Zorin install too. So getting a more consumer/enduser friendly linux distribution was not the way to avoid any technical meddling on the desktop.

Running Debian 11 on the PROX AMD

So now it is back to running Debian. The only remaining thing that I'm not satisfied with is the sound quality of audio input/microphone. When compared to the audio quality of my Macbook Pro, the PROX leaves a lot to be desired.

Slimbook running my Debian desktop

Apart from that this machine really shines. After a couple of days I upgraded the internal storage to 1 TB and the RAM to 64GB. Opening the case and fiddling with the hardware is no issue at all. Just get a philips screwdriver and you are goood to go.

Now I have a very capable machine with plenty of storage, RAM and CPU cycles to work with. The total expense was something like 1400 EURO inc VAT

Slimbook had some custom applications, mostly to better support the hardware. The one that had my interest was their take on face id using the embedded infrared camera. The app shows promise, but is in need of more polish. Also, it was unable to recognize my face faster than I can type my password. And at some point it failed to recognize me at all.


  • Great price/performance ratio
  • Build quality really is quite premium and overall excellent. body is sturdy enough
  • The keyboard has nice travel and feedback.
  • custom laser engraving for a reasonable amount
  • The screen is bright, hi-res and overall looks great
  • The machine is pretty lightweight and still has pretty decent battery life.

Slimbook with custom engraving


  • audio quality of both input and output leaves a something to be desired. Kinda annoying with all the WFH and videoconferencing going on
  • No charging over USB-C
  • No thunderbolt


This is a nice machine. It performs well and installing Debian etc was rather frictionless. I like that it has an AMD CPU, but not having power delivery over USB-C is somewhat annoying. I did not realize this when I ordered the machine. Also the low audio quality is annoying, but not a deal braker as I have other devices to fall back on for this.

Chances are pretty good that I would shop at Slimbook again. Maybe an Intel based machine with thunderbolt/power delivery next time?