Slimbook ProX arrived today :-)

 · Systeemkabouter

Last Monday I took the plunge and ordered a Slimbook ProX. First impressions when it comes to looks and build quality it's great. There are some things left to be desired, but overall I think this machine should fit most of my needs.

Slimbook with custom engraving

As I was unsure what I was actually buying, I ordered a basic machine with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of NVME storage. As soon as I am convinced this machine will be a good fit, I will replace the storage and RAM with beefier alternatives.

Reinstalling Debian to include full disk encryption and btrfs was a breeze with the custom USB stick I ordered together with the machine.

The only issues up to now is the inability to charge the system over USB-C and only being able to drive a single external 4K display at a time. Not really blocking issues, but these things do work with my Macbook Pro from 2019. Everything else seems fine. Wifi, bluetooth etc are just doing great. The display is really nice. Overall feel of the machine is excellent.

There is lots of setting up and testing to do, but this machine is off to a good start.

Slimbook packaging

instructions and sticker

basic powersupply

Slimbook running my Debian desktop