Personal nextcloud instance moved to Raspberry PI4

 ยท Systeemkabouter

Last year I set up a Nextcloud instance for personal/family use. This was running as a VM on my HP Proliant server/Proxmox setup. An archive of about 80 GB of pictures and movies was quickly accumulated there.

With energy prices what they were at the time, I shut down the Proliant server last summer, leaving all the data on disk.

So fast forward to 2023 and I still want to run my own nextcloud instance. But running a 80 GB nextcloud instance in the cloud is not exactly cheap with that amount of storage. Running the Proliant again was also out of the question, energy costs are still high.

So I took the time to move the nextcloud instance from the virtual machine to a Raspberry PI4 I had in storage. The performance is not exactly stellar, but I can still access the pictures and movies if I want to. And right now I'm planning on using nextcloud more for calendar/contact syncing. This could have been done from a fresh install of nextcloud, but I figured it would be a shame to abandon the family image/movie archive altogether. The PI4 performance should be more than adequate for the syncing task an good enough for the occasional trip down memory lane.

Nextcloud system screenshot