Note to self: do not try to set up dual boot machines

 · Systeemkabouter

So dual booting a machine with two different operating systems is a cheap way to run multiple setups on real hardware when you don't need either of time full time. So of course I've been using this solution since forever to able to tweak with more operating systems releases than I have hardware to run it on.

But it does come at its price. There is always the risk of wiping the data of the other OS, fscking up the partition table and incompatibility issues.

I can't remember the number of times I had an "OOPS" moment over the last 25 years, mostly on non-important systems. So no real harm done there, just time lost :-) . This whole 'solution' barely comes further than the home lab.

Now. I have this very nice Slimbook that I use to run Desktop Linux. But I had a spare NVME drive that I used to setup a small Windows 10 install, to drive some games and my Dymo Labelwriters. This way I could save some space in the home office and retiry the old Dell XPS desktop.

So separate drives, full disk encryption on both installs, shared boot manager. What could possible go wrong?

Last Monday or so I decided to just install the updates on my Eurolinux 9 desktop. Which went fine and without taking too much notice. But apparently it did 'something' to the boot setup and the Windows 10 install went 'yikes' and refused to unlock the bitlocker setup without the recovery key.

Right. The recovery key. Where did I leave that one ...

The old windows 10 desktop is coming from the attic and the Slimbook will be linux only territory, just as I had originally planned .... :-)