Mostly Ready For 2023

 · Systeemkabouter

So the last quarter was rather busy and intense. It left little room for home computing projects and/or fiddling. But is was fun and most tasks scheduled for 2022 have been executed.

With just a couple of days left, I have just enough time to ponder about plans for 2023. I'm still thinking about rebuilding my home lab to have some more room for things like a small install of Openshift, ESXi and other low level/operating system tools. But I must admit that current energy prices are keeping me from running anything but low power devices. And my home lab would ideally include real powered on servers.

The other thing on the wishlist, is a new laptop. My current daily driver is the Macbook 2020 i9. Still fine for my needs, but I tend to get a new machine every 2-3 years and pass the older machines on within my family. There is a good change that I will consider the Macbook Pro with M2 CPU, when it arrives. But I'm also considering The Slimbook Prox which has very nice specs and is a lot cheaper than the Apple route. Should be very nice as a Debian or Zorin machine. If only I could see and feel the machine somewhere near here.

And there are the plans for renewing some professional certifications. I've got a small wishlist, but also very little time :) So I will see when the need arises or my schedule will leave some more room for this.

Well, first I will spend some time eating 'Oliebollen', Later!