iCloud got a lot more attractive with Advanded Data Protection

 ยท Systeemkabouter

It took Apple forever to actually enable this. After trying it some time ago only to get the message 'not available in you region yet', I was able to enable Advanced Data Protection on my iCloud account tonight.

ADP enabled screenshot

To get it to activate, I first assigned my wife as an emergency recovery contact and I removed about 4-5 old apple devices still linked to my account. Even the now unused MBP 2016 apparently is not supported for this feature. It was already in storage, but still linked to my iCloud account.

So from now on a lot more data in my iCloud account is protected by end to end encryption that the cloud provider has no way to decrypt. This is great espacially for the notes and reminders app, which now could contain more private data then I previously would be OK with.

ADP protected data screenshot

One less reason to self host all things. Hopefully this will lead to other major cloud providers moving in the same direction

The thing I am not sure about is how this works out for shared data. Will my shared note be properly encrypted when everyone involved has ADP activated? Need to find out someday :-)