Hello Inoreader my old friend

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So in the last quarter of 2023 I successfully moved from Inoreader to Nextcloud News for my news aggregation. This has worked very well for me for quite some time. But when I report self-hosting successes, I want to be honest and report the not so great experiences too.

So there was some issue I don't remember with Nextcloud that I was trying to fix. Apparently when downloading a new version directly from the website of Nextcloud, you may stumble upon a prerelease version. The upgrade of Nextcloud itself went fine, but I did not have regular backups in place at the time and after the upgrade: broken news app.

Apparently the news app that you can install with Nextcloud is a third party addon that has yet to be updated for compatibility with this new prerelease version of Nextcloud. At first it kinda worked, but was just ugly to look at. But after some time it stopped completely.

So back to Inoreader it is, at least until the news app is updated and I find the time to apply this update.

Bit of a bummer and definitely one of the disadvantages of self hosting all the things. The good news for me is that my Inoreader subscription was still valid for some time to come. So at least I did not have to spend extra cash on it ;)