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Pagina’s / forums maken over een onderwerp op

Op veler verzoek (1) heb ik even uitgezocht hoe je een pagina/forum kunt maken. Volgens de documentatie op de wiki van friendica is het zoveel als een extra account maken en vervolgens je eigen account rechten delegeren, zodat je namens de pagina kan optreden. Zie ook de gekopieerde instructies :

To make forum management easier if you are creating a forum on the site you normally use (i.e. for your personal account), do this:

Log off.

Register a new account for the forum using the same email address. Wait for the confirmation email, then log on using the new identity.

Now issue a contact request to your other identity – your personal one. Then log off again.

Go to your personal identity and accept the contact request. Log off yet again – and log on once more with your forum identity. Visit (replacing with your own domain name). You should now be able to appoint yourself (as a person) to help moderate your forum.

Sounds complicated – but it’s really quite straightforward, and there’s a significant advantage to the approach: In the future, you will only have to log on with the forum identity to change settings. You can perform all moderation tasks from your personal account (where you will discover a new Manage tab for the purpose).

Of course, from now on you must use nicknames rather than your email address to log on to your accounts – either the forum nick or your personal nick, depending on ‘who’ you need to be. If you try to log on using your email address, the system can’t know which account you want to use. Friendica forums and community pages · friendica/friendica Wiki · GitHub

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