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So somewhere in October I moved my Dell XPS Desktop from Zorin to RHEL9/Eurolinux9. One of the requirements for my linux desktop needs is VMWare workstation not complaining about vmmon/vmnet kernel level stuff.

Fast forward to December and RHEL9.1/Eurolinux9.1 is out! And installed on my machine because I like to keep up to date.

So yes it broke VMWare workstation 16. No updates to be found, just broken. By now VMWare workstation 17 was available, so I downloaded that and it was just as broken ...

Ok, that sucks. Maybe this is the time to finally get rid of VMWare Workstation. Virtualbox was downloaded, installed and ..... it fails on the same piece of networking code in the kernel

.... sigh ....

So, I got /home copied to an external disk and am ready to unleash 'The Biggest Is Still The Best' Debian 11 USB stick.

Debian reinstall on Rosie

Just glad that I have more than one computer to work on :-)

YES this is why I still buy Apple products