Fixing issue with Signal donations and Apple Pay

 · Systeemkabouter

A big while back Signal nudged me into paying a monthly donation to support their US non-profit. I was open for that, but trying to set it up on my iPhone gave me a non-descriptive error when trying to authorize payments using Apple Pay. I soon forgot about the issue after that.

So a couple of days ago the Signal nudge was back. And I was more than willing this time around. But alas, when trying to set up the payment using Apple Pay: Same non-descriptive error.

Hmmm ... I thought ... these are Americans. They might assume every one is using some kind of Visa or Mastercard when using Apple Pay.

For my day-to-day payments in the Netherlands I only have Maestro cards configured in my Apple Pay Wallet. So this time I added a Bunq Mastercard to my wallet and tried setting up payments again using this mastercard: SUCCES.

Nice, I've earned my Signal profile picture badge.

Signal badge on my profile

As other people in the Netherlands or elsewhere might run into a similar issue I thought I'd write a quick note about it.