Dual booting Zorin/OpenBSD anyway

 · Systeemkabouter

So last May my dual boot setup of Linux/Windows on my Slimbook PROX got fscked up. I figured I would give up on dual booting.

But that was last May. And the first BSD NL day is coming next week which I plan to attend. And there was no way for me to show up there without an actual device running BSD. So it had to be done :-)

Right, the 1 TB NVME currently is occupied by Zorin16PRO (again) and the 256 GB NVME was doing nothing. Also, there were no other old or otherwise unused laptops available to run BSD on. So dual booting fun is back!

I downloaded the OpenBSD 7.2 installer, wrote it to an USB stick on my Mac and booted it on the Slimbook. The embedded network cards did not seem to work right away, but after adding an Apple USB ethernet adapter to the mix, the installation went rather painless. A OpenBSD install to a fully encrypted 256 GB NVME.


Then I rebooted, only to find out my only option would be to boot OpenBSD or fiddle with settings in the BIOS. Great.

I inserted the Zorin16PRO USB stick, booted it and tried running 'boot repair'. It came up with nothing useful.

Apparently I was running Zorin from the big NVME, but the boot sector of the Small NVME was actually used to boot Zorin. And OpenBSD happily put its own boot magic in place, disregarding the Zorin bits in the process.

Thankfully Zorin is Ubuntu under the hood, and searching the Interweb for a way to reinstall grub was an easy find. I installed grub to the big NVME this time, so now I may actually have two operating systems on two storage devices, not interfering with each other. Great!

Now I only need to find a way to get an EFI boot menu each time I start the machine.