2022 not the year of linux on the desktop, but of linux on my desktop

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Mac Mini running Zorin 16Pro linux larger version

The year of linux on the desktop might never come, but I think 2022 will be the year of linux on my desktop. Ever since switching to Macos (X) in 2005, I've periodically tried to make the switch back to Linux. But there was always something that I could not get to work simple or reliable enough.

I'm totally used to reformatting some machine a couple of times a year to check out a new version of a distro or to try a new distro altogether.

The last one my list was Zoring 16 pro. And it seems to stick. By now I'm running it on my Dell XPS, on my daughters old Macbook and as of today on an 2014 Mac Mini that I had laying around. And they all look polished, work snappy and are rock solid in daily use. And because the base for Zorin is Ubuntu, most of the stuff is really familiar to me and well documented online.

The Macbook Pro will be here to stay, but the list of tasks that I really need to do on MacOS is getting shorter and shorter.